Flying High! Boy Scouts Troop 481, Plymouth, MN

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February Campout will be to NorthWinds at Stearns Scout Camp Feb. 21-23. Mr. Leuer has an URGENT NEED FOR 2 ADULTS TO GO with the 10 boys who have registered. If you would be able to go please contact Benno Leuer as soon as possible. Check in at Stearns will be Friday night 2/21 by 7:00 PM. Purpose of this campout is to learn about and experience winter camping. The NorthWinds staff will teach classes on many aspects of winter camping, starting Friday evening. Everyone will sleep indoors in the bunkhouse Friday night. On Saturday the camp staff will provide essential gear (boots, parkas, hats, gloves, warm sleeping bags) to help the boys (and adults) learn about and experience winter camping, cooking outdoors in winter, etc. Everyone will sleep outdoors Saturday night unless it is bitter cold.

March Campout will be the Junior Leadership Training Campout or JLTC, March 14-16 at Stearns Scout Camp. The older scouts will develop their leadership skills by giving presentations to the younger scouts on a wide range of Boy Scout related topics ranging from resolving conflict to knife safety . Adults will be needed to go along to do the cooking so the boys can focus on their other activities. (This campout was originally scheduled for 3/21-23 so this is a date change.)

High Adventure to South Dakota/Black Hills is tentatively scheduled for June 14-24. These dates may change slightly as planning in currently in progress. Estimated cost of the trip will be $800-1000.


We are sponsored by St. Philip the Deacon Luthern church of Plymouth, Minnesota

We serve the Plymouth, Minnesota area.
Northern Star Council Lake Minnetonka District Flying High

We are members of the Northern Star Council of Minnesota,
and we are in the Lake Minnetonka district.

Most of the boys involved go to school in the Wayzata School District.

Troop meets every Monday at 7 pm except the first monday of each month.
The first Monday of each month, is the PLC @ 6:30pm(Patrol Leader Council) & Parents meeting @ 7:30pm.
Please check the calender for exact information.

We usually go camping once a month.